Painting our timber decking

house painters MelbourneWe’ve been renovating our home for the past year and getting really excited because we’re starting to see the beautiful results and also because it’s almost finally over. The last remaining things to do are mostly aesthetic as opposed to structural. We need to call in the painters. Melbourne city painters know a surprising amount about renovating and can even do minor repairs. I guess painting also helps to protect the walls, plaster and timber.

We actually needed the timber decking out the back painted more than anything. The decking was structurally sound but without a new paint job it would be vulnerable to the elements, to rot and chipping. The painters came in and knew exactly what to look for and how to refurbish them. The looked at the type of wood and told us that acrylic paint was the best option. Because what happens is that rain and water run off from the roof gutter as well as rotting leaves on the deck can actually damage the wood, or at least stain it. But apparently the paint job itself protects from this type of damage and actually effectively repairs any damage already done to the wood. I think they use certain chemical treatments on the wood to reverse the damage. After it was done, we were stoked with the results.

I never thought a house painter in Melbourne could do so much structural repairs for the house. We got the interior painted a lovely off-white colour, which has had a real brightening and opening effect on our cosy little house. The exterior is also white with a grey roof, which ?I think is perfect for a weatherboard. It looks really classic, which is perfect for a house that was built in the sixties.