From hag to princess with dermal fillers

It had been brought to my attention by my sister that I had been neglecting myself for too long. My hair colour had faded to a horrible shade of grey, my ends split, my leg hairs were starting to spike out through my leggings and my skin was looking puffy and old. I had been so run off my feet at work over the past few week that I hadn’t had time to focus on anything else. I hadn’t noticed things had gotten so bad until one morning I rushed past a work colleague who inquired if I’d been ill. When I got home that evening I made the time to really look at myself in the bathroom mirror. I am normally a person who takes care of their body really well but I could see why others might think I was unwell. It had been far too long since my appointment for anti wrinkle injections, Melbourne CBD was only a short tram ride from my home so there really wasn’t any excuse. I decided something drastic needed to be done so the following day I decided to call in sick to work. Considering how haggard I was looking lately nobody would question my absence. When I phoned my manager the next morning and let him know I wouldn’t be coming in he told me to take the rest of the week off to recover. The minute I hung up the phone I dialed the number for my favourite cosmetic treatment centre in Melbourne. I warned the ladies that I was not looking my best and was in desperate need of some TLC. I had my fingers crossed that I wouldn’t be judged for taking so long to get my dermal fillers, Melbourne socialists do tend to talk. I myself never participate in the gossip but I can’t say I’m averse to listening. I was really looking forward to looking young and beautiful again. Everyone at work will be floored by my sudden princess transformation.