Renovating is hard work!

termite inspectionsEver since we started renovating our property, I’ve been collapsing into bed and waking up with my clothes on. It’s exhausting work. Especially because my partner and I both work full time at our jobs and then when we knock off from work we go straight to our new property to do the renos. We were hoping to get it all done by the end of the year but it looks like the project is going to take a lot longer. Recently we discovered termites in the floorboards which surprised us a bit. There are so many problems with that property we really didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into by setting out to renovate it. It’s been a good learning experience though.

In the end we realised that we had to call for a pest control company. Sorrento is a really nice area where you wouldn’t expect to need that sort of service but I guess termites live just about everywhere. Although we were expecting to have to fork out a fortune for the termite treatment, the company we found were reasonably priced and worth it for the peace of mind they gave us. Once the treatment was complete I was quite confident we wouldn’t be needing it again for a while – they even guaranteed us for ten years because that’s how long the treatment lasts. What we should have done though is get a termite inspection before we started renovating the place because the little critters actually started getting into some of our recent additions to the place. So there are some added benefits of having an initial termite inspection. Mornington peninsula is a really beautiful place to live in and you want to make the most out of your renovations.

I can’t wait until we complete the renovations and have our Sorrento property looking gorgeous. It’s been such hard work but the results will be worth it.