Drain cleaning on the horizon

drain unblocking MelbourneI was super excited, the morning of the drain cleaning had finally arrived. I sat bolt upright when I woke up and checked the time before hopping out of bed. The night before I had laid out my clothes for following day. I had a notebook full of questions on my bedside table. I ran down the stairs and headed for the kitchen. I was super hungry because I was full of nervous energy and needed to get some food in me before the drain unblocking crew arrived. I’d been looking forward to this day for the past three days, ever since the drains had gotten blocked. I was really hoping to see the plumber walk through the door so I could hang out with him and ask lots of questions. I had hoped he would have the time to tell me all about drain unblocking, Melbourne pipes are pretty old in a lot of areas and need replacing. I knew that I would probably have to following the drain expert around with my notepad asking lots of questions,

I just hope he has time to answer them all. My mother explained that the plumber was on the clock and that his time was money but I was determined. I didn’t want to be a distraction, I would leave him to his work if he said he needed to be left alone. It can’t hurt to try though, I think drains and drainage are fascinating. If you think about it, there are drains almost everywhere in the world. You are always within a few metres of a drain if you live in the suburbs or the city. I wonder what it’s like under the cities in the sewer system. Is there anything interesting down there? I am so curious about everything to do with drain inspections. Melbourne sewer system must be very elegant based on what I know about city planning.  I told my mother that the plumber would be arriving in about an hour to replace the boundary trap, just to keep her updated.