Repairs for rustic appliances

oven repairs SydneyWhen we bought our house it came with some appliances, and it’s no wonder they were left behind – they must be the first dishwasher and oven ever built. They were functioning when we moved in, but just barely. The oven could only be lit by holding down the gas button and reaching in with a lighter to set it off. It would make a fire-burst sound like a mini explosion and then crackle away like a furnace. I often found myself wondering if it might leave us vulnerable to gas leaks. Then the dishwasher, you basically had to prop it closed with a fork wedged between the machine and the tiles.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner but we eventually called oven repairs. Sydney has a lot of new properties which we should have chosen instead of worrying about all of this stuff. But I couldn’t resist the charm of an old house.

The property is a townhouse that must have undergone renovations in the fifties. The design and layout are all reminiscent of that era, and I can’t imagine how many housewives much have gone nuts in the place. Nevertheless, it looks really cute. The kitchen is white and baby blue, and the appliances look like they’re taken out of a retro magazine. When we finally got the repairs guy in to do our oven and dishwasher repairs, Sydney housing prices took a little dive, and we were kind of disappointed that we didn’t take advantage of that opportunity. But since getting the appliances fixed they’re working really well now. This way we don’t have to buy new ones and the retro charm adds a certain value to our home. It really is a heritage piece this place. I’m just hoping that the roof and windows hold out so we don’t have to spend an arm and leg fixing them too.