Kitchen Renovations, At a Bad Time…

kitchen renovationsThere’s always a something going on, and all these things are putting serious dents in the savings. I get that stuff happens in life, people go to concerts, they have birthdays, people want to get together and go to events, but…well, some of us don’t earn as much as others. I don’t know how me and my friends are all in our mid-twenties, and somehow I’m the only one still stuck with the job I had in uni. Which, by the way, is still a job I sort-of enjoy. Except during stock-take, and when I have to work late. And then some customers are just…

Anyway, details. Unimportant details! Just saying, pitching in for kitchen design sounds like something people should be doing if they have good-paying jobs, like everyone in this house who isn’t me. Why are we even discussing kitchen renovation anyway? This is a rental, there are four of us here, and one of the guy’s parents owns the apartment, so if they have anything they want to change about the place then that’s their business. Of course, that’s when I found out about the hidden clause in the contract that has us responsible for that sort of thing, which…well, it might be illegal. That’s a question for later.

I mean, it IS a pretty terrible kitchen right now. I wouldn’t exactly call it a miracle of modern kitchen design, and I’ve seen what they want to turn it into. Looks pretty nice. Oh, and there’s a twin sink! I grew up with one, and moving to a place with only one sink was a nightmare. And don’t even get me started on that one weird corner next to the dishwasher that makes it a pain to unload the plates. Seriously, anyone doing kitchen renovations nowadays has to know that nobody needs that kind of thing. I guess I could scrounge…if it’s for a good cause. Double sink though. And with four people in one small room, you NEED two sinks.


Oxygen Chambers…And Many Other Things

hyperbaric medicine MelbourneI think I remember us having a career seminar back in school on how to calculate taxes. Then I actually started working, and it turns out that not only is tax taken out automatically, you can also just pay some accountant a pittance and they’ll sort it all out for you. Or you can just use the government system, which takes about five minutes longer.

So thanks, school system. Thanks so much for teaching me THAT, when you could’ve been teaching me how to deal with a friend who’s just joined a cult and is trying to get you to join as well. Would’ve come in mighty handy right about now.

It all started when we had to do this project for our night class on the integration of hyperbaric medicine available in Melbourne, and how it could impact the future of the medical field. Sounds…tame. But then Kira starts looking into other stuff to do with oxygen, and she stumbles across this website. No, sorry, let me say it in her words: she ‘heard the calling of the moon’. Anyway, now she thinks that she’s going to go and live in a lunar kingdom, and it’s going to be a perfect utopia, and they’re going to have a dome full of trees and a private rover each so they can explore and…well, it’s all she talks about now.

It’s a bit of a leap from just looking at hyperbaric medicine, I know. Technically we’re still both on the project, but now all Kira talks about is how she’s going to research all about the portable hyperbaric chambers for sale in Melbourne and use the technology to create a shining future. On the moon. Of course, now I’m thinking I need to bundle Kira into a hyperbaric chamber so she can get a bit of oxygen in her brain and see what she’s talking about. Apart from that, I’m just (badly) deflecting a lot of our conversations. She wants me to join her, obviously. Mmm…no thanks. I’ll stick with the oxygen we have here in Earth.