Knitting, Net Repairing…

cricket nettingSeems like everyone’s had their fair share of bullying at school. Hey, even the bullies were bullied; that’s what made them bullies in the first place.

I remember my time, which was a brief period in year 3. I’d just visited Gran over the summer holidays and she’d taught me all the intricacies of knitting. I was so excited to bring all my knowledge back to my school chums that I didn’t really consider what I was doing. Honestly, I think most people were pretty impressed, but you know how it goes with bullies: anything different is easy prey. It wasn’t until I used my immense knitting skill to fix the soccer nets after they got torn that people started to respect me again. That’s I realised: I could make a career out of this! Sports netting gets such a pounding from all sides, at all times. There’s always got to be someone who goes around and fixes them. I know, it doesn’t sound like knitting has very much in common with mending nets, but the skills are more transferable than you’d think. Both require a steady hand, needles of some variety and load of patience. Neither command as much respect as they should, as well. Still, people way back in school seemed to think it was pretty cool that I could fix the nets when they got broken. I bet if I ever took up fishing I’d be that fishing buddy everyone wants to invite along, on account of my amazing cricket net fixing skills.

Didn’t though. In fact, most people will just replace their sports netting nowadays instead of calling in a specialist. Makes sense…I possess a rare skill, and I can’t be everywhere at once. But if you ever need someone to fix your cricket nets, or…make you a nice jumper…I’m the guy.