Orthotics for sports injuries

orthotics MelbourneAnyone who plays sports knows that it’s as rewarding as it is painful. Sporting injuries are bread and butter to us, muscle strain, shin splints and cramps are quotidian occurrences for the sports addict. I myself am the unfortunate recipient of such casualties, and am an ardent customer of sports doctors and podiatry. In Melbourne, the orthopedics surgeons can do a pretty good job of piecing you back together. They’re used to gym junkies and sports fanatics pulling themselves apart, treating their mere mortal physical forms like rag dolls. To watch them you’d almost think they feel no pain, they way they recklessly hurt themselves into such dangerous and daring maneuvers. But no, they do feel pain. I feel pain…

In my heel and sole of my right foot specifically. The orthotics specialist probably thinks I’m crazy. I’m in there so often, you know, I’m a regular. I got a recommendation to see her after my friend had her ingrown toenail treated. It was disgusting and apparently incredibly painful because Michele was squealing like a pig to the slaughter. I drove her to the place where they do orthotics, outer Melbourne suburbs tend to have a good amount of services when it comes to these things. I obviously didn’t want to be there while the surgery or whatever was taking place so I just left there and went to get a burger or something. After it was done though Michelle raved about how good they were. How an incredibly painful procedure turned out to be a not-so-bad one.  I didn’t except the podiatrist to be that great I thought Michelle was just relieved not to be butchered and full of endorphins after the surgery. But it turns out they are great. The more you know.

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