My terrible uni lifestyle

web development coursesSome people might wonder what went wrong with me. I’m sure my parents did. I had a perfect upbringing, with loving parents who gave me every opportunity I could hope for. However, when I got out of highschool something changed. I discovered beers, piss ups and girls. It was a liberating time but also a dangerous time. At that point I was taking a web development course in Melbourne and was struggling with my studies, not to mention compromising my health and my life by doing some irresponsible things (I won’t get into details here!)

After about a year and a half, the party lifestyle was starting to catch up to me. Although I was passionate about my degree in web design, I was also distracted by my new liberties as an eighteen/nineteen year old. My teachers were great but I hardly did any study in between working, drinking and chasing cute chicks. I’d also just moved to Melbourne from the country so everything was new and exciting. But one day, I woke up with a brutal hangover, checked my results which has just been posted online and saw that I’d flunked everything!

Maybe it was the lingering alcohol in my system or the come down from the night before, but I actually sat there and started bawling my eyes out. I couldn’t control it, tears were dripping all over my laptop. I knew that if I continued at this rate I was never going to succeed in my software development course or ever have a good career in IT. It was at that point that I quit drinking and partying (well, I slowed down anyway!) and put my head down to focus on my studies in IT. It was the best decision I ever made because my grades improved and I still enjoyed my early twenties. I even managed to meet girls without getting drunk at bars all the time! I guess it pays to listen to those lessons your parents teach you as a kid after all.