Working with tamper evident bags

tamper evident bagsLet me tell you a little about what I do. I work at an exam centre. We do several types of exams but mostly stuff that tests people’s English so that they can get into university here, and also testing their levels in specialist areas they’ve studied in their home country to see if it matches our standards in Australia. It’s a pretty good job. I’m a very fastidious person so I’m great at following guidelines to a T and generally being neat and organised which is what this job is all about. I instruct people how to fill out their exam papers, and supervise them while they do exams so they don’t cheat.

Anyway, my boss usually doesn’t ride me too hard but the other day there was a slight mix up with the tamper evident bags. When I use the passive form, that’s because I still maintain that it wasn’t my fault but she’s trying to pin it all on me. I mailed them out you see, because the examples are sent off and put into a machine that finalises the results. Well, either I was extraordinarily tired that day or someone sabotaged me because I ended up posting the wrong results to the wrong place. They got lost in the process and about a hundred people had to resit their exams. IT was a disaster that nearly cost me my job. My boss was like, ‘can you imagine if that was food packaging we were dealing with! You could have poisoned hundreds of people’ But I was like, obviously it’s not food packaging that’s a totally different thing and besides, I totally didn’t do it. I’ve barely made a single mistake since I’ve been working here. I think the janitor is trying to sabotage me because he wants my job but he’ll never get it cos he’s not qualified.