Carpet stained by volcano

carpet cleaning MelbourneI had a science project due in a few days time and my partner was at my house to study one afternoon. We were trying to put the finishing touches on the project and get it looking really great so we got a better grade. We had built a giant paper mache volcano that was designed to erupt in class. We’d made colourful lava from basic household ingredients and spent a lot of time decorating it to look real. We’d been given over a month to do our project but we’d managed to get the majority of it done during class time. I knew a lot of people who’d messed around in class and had to spend a lot of time outside of school getting the project done. I thought it was rather silly to leave things to the last minute. I was happy to spend time after school time on the project in order to get it done on time. My friend was putting the final touches on the volcano, adding paint at the base. It had been left to dry for a few minutes before we’d attempted to lift the whole thing up the first time. It wasn’t a big problem, definitely fixable. Everything looking perfect, we decided to move the volcano from the painting table to the dining table because it was more secure. With a loud crash and a loud screech, the volcano went tumbling down folding in the centre under the weight. Stunned and in shock I stood there staring at the pretend fake lava soaking into the carpet. Mum came running out of the kitchen and before crashing through the remains of the volcano.

She yelled for about 10 minutes. I heard her pick up her phone and I knew she was phoning upholstery cleaning Melbourne. I heard her talking frantically to the woman on the phone from the carpet cleaning place in Melbourne. She was desperate to get an appointment. Once my mother hung up the phone to the best carpet steam cleaning Melbourne has to offer she went back to yelling. We were left to try and clean up and mess and start making a new project.