Silky smooth legs for graduation

laser hair removal MelbourneThis is going to sound crazy but It took me like three whole months to chose the right deb dress for school. There was no way I would settle for a basic off the rack ball gown. I demanded from my parents a unique dress that would allow me to shine. Growing up I have always been given the very finest in life. My friends call me princess and I’m quite happy with that nickname. I had a fitting with my dress designer in Melbourne recently and I made a lot of changes. They may be the designer but I’m the one that has to wear the gown. I have an appointment booked in at the local laser hair removal clinic, Melbourne is getting ready to break out the hot weather and I want to be shorts ready. Look, I don’t exactly have a ton of leg hair or anything, I’m blonde so it’s not something I have to worry about much.

Laser hair removal is just insurance, it’s something I do just in case. I do have a boyfriend after all, and yes it’s getting serious. Still, I like to have regular hair removal to maintain my silky smooth legs. It’s my aim to always look just as good with clothes as without them, it’s why I do yoga four times a week. My mother insists that we attend the most prestigious beauty clinic in Melbourne. We have a day booked in together for a few treatments. Mostly it’s for mum, I’m there to keep her company and provide moral support. She always gets a little nervous before she gets the wrinkle injections, Melbourne ladies are naturally wrinkle free, don’t you know? My mother is 40 but she looks about 35 so whatever she is doing it works. With all the cosmetic treatments and the laser hair removal I had a feeling I was going to be the most beautiful girl at my graduation. Girls like me do have a reputation to uphold.