Don’t Do Crime. But If You DO…

motivational speakersCommitting a crime was probably the best decision ever.

Alright, that’s a bad start. With what I just learned at the seminar you’d think I wouldn’t say stupid stuff like that. But then, here we go…more stupid stuff. I guess you just can’t help some parts of yourself. But yeah, I’ve made some really bad decisions. In my defence, I got really addicted to the thrill of stealing cars, and I didn’t have much else in my life besides thrills so…anyway, I got in some trouble, more than usual. Instead of jail time I had to go along to a conference for people straightening out their lives. And I’m thinking…motivational speakers, whatever. Nothing anyone can say is going to make me all good and sweet and nice and not a criminal on the inside. Some things are just broken and can’t be fixed with a bit of motivational speaking.

Well, that’s still pretty much true. But then, you can’t underestimate how words can give you the power to change yourself, even in tiny, baby steps. I was at that conference for eight hours, and I needed to hear pretty much everything. There I was surrounded by a bunch of criminals and drongos, all of whom looked like they severely needed a good kick up the butt. Like me, yeah. But then, there’s something about getting talked to for that many hours in a row that really makes it sink it. I began to realise what was being pounded into my head: it was all on me. I had the power to change myself, I’m the only one who can. Oh, and I definitely could. I wasn’t weak, because no one truly is unless they tell themselves that they are. Eventually I began to believe it, and even take notes so I could stick them on the wall and really grow to understand what they meant.

I’m not sure what comes next, but I’m feeling really pumped up. Really motivated, you might say. Guess I shouldn’t have been so disparaging about inspirational speakers. They really do inspire!