Trestle ladders don’t get much better than this

trestle ladderThere’s nothing like getting your platforms custom made. For too long I’ve been struggling with dodgy aluminium scaffolding and work platforms that aren’t quite right. Sometimes they’re not built well, other times they’re stable but not right for the job. They might be a couple of inches too short, or not wide enough to move around on. They might be the wrong shape or awkward to push around. That’s what I was stoked to discover some Melbourne companies that will custom build you platforms to suit your needs.

Because I work in a shipping yard, we need container access platforms as well as mobile scaffolds that can be moved around easily. When it comes to aluminium work platforms in Melbourne, there’s nothing better than the folding platforms and steps which you can pack up quickly and chuck in the back of your truck. Let me tell you, working in this industry has been a dream since discovering the companies that custom make for you. The people that make our equipment now listen to what we need very carefully and give us exactly that. Sometimes they even go well and beyond the call of duty and give us tips on what types of platforms will work better. They’ve got a lot of experience that’s for sure. I’ve ordered everything from cantilever platforms to trestle ladders around Melbourne for use on the docks.

Wish I could sing as many praises for supermarkets these days. Went to the local grocery yesterday and bought my food for the week, only to bring it home and find half the veggies are rotten. They’re such garbage because they’ve been grown and picked days or even weeks before, sometimes frozen and not even fresh. Not to mention the modifications. Tomatoes are the worst, you cut them open and they’re like rubber water balloons, and taste about as good. Come on Australia, get your supermarkets sorted out.