Backed into a corner

solar panel companyI’ve just done something truly stupid. Last week, I ran into a really good friend of mine from back at university. I always like to think I’m one of those people who’s changed, but whenever I run into someone from my ‘old life’, it’s as if something comes over me. I regress into the person I used to be.

For example, this old friend I ran into, for the sake of this story let’s call him Mike, is now running a successful marketing company that has just made a couple of equally successful moves to become more environmentally friendly. He told me how he’d recently been working with the most incredible commercial solar company in Melbourne. He was saying how they’d helped him through the whole process, making it all essentially painless, and how he’d never thought reducing his electricity bill could be so easy or make him feel so virtuous. Hearing how successful and innovative he is unleashed something terrible within me. I had to be better. And that’s when I said something I almost immediately regretted.

“Actually, we’ve managed to make money through our solar.”

I don’t know what possessed me to say that. I don’t have solar at home, let alone at the company I work for. I just had to one up him and now I’m in a real pickle. Mike actually knows a few of the people I work with, he could verify my lie if he wanted to. So the trick here is to make it a truth. By my estimates, it could take anywhere from 5 days to 3 weeks for the news to get back to the office. That means I have 3 weeks to find a commercial solar company and get the business I work for on board.

I mean, from all the benefits Mike was talking about, it shouldn’t be too hard. Right?