Gardening leads to sewer repair

drain clearing MelbourneI get the feeling that it won’t be too long before I can call myself a real man. Every day I make sure that my eco friendly house and my loving family are safe and taken care of the best I can. I even do what I can to take care of the planet. I’m a big recycled and encourage others to be the same. I don’t waste water and always turn off appliances when I leave a room. My family get annoyed sometimes when I flip a switch and they are still in the room. It’s happened when my wife is in the bathroom a few times, you can hear her yelling from next door. When my wife and I were looking at houses to buy we couldn’t find one that was satisfactory for a number of environmental reasons. In the end we decided it best to take the plunge and build our own
sustainable house. Melbourne gets a lot of rain so having a very large water tank under the house was a no brainer. We picked a location that got plenty of sunlight so we could cover the roof in solar panels. We had a lot of help from our sustainable home builder, Melbourne has a lot of environmentally conscious folk who care about the world we’re leaving behind. If everyone put more effort into energy efficient house design when the world could half it’s power consumption. My wife thinks that it’s cute when I get on my soap box about world issues. I’m just doing my part, like most decent people out there are doing theirs. I still don’t really feel like a man though, I mean I’m  not sure how to describe it.

The first real test for me begins when the drain cleaning team arrive to fix our plumbing problems. My wife has been saying we’ve got back plumbing for years but nothing seems to fix it. From what I’ve been told, they’re professionals and real experts in drain clearing, Melbourne is home to many skilled residents. They are coming to fix the broken pipes leading to the sewer system. I was doing a spot of gardening when I accidentally hit a pipe with my shovel. I was planting mandarin trees and wanted to get down nice and deep into the soil. At first I think that I had only just dented the pipe, but then the hole started to fill with foul water and I had to run away. I’m sure It won’t take them long to fix the problem, I figure there will be a lot of digging involved. I’m sure I could help out with a shovel, I feel bad paying someone else to dig up my lawn when I was the one who made the mistake. My wife is glad we decided to get an expert to repair the blocked sewer, Melbourne has rules that dictate what you do with sewer pipes. I wouldn’t know the first things about drain repair, except that it involves pipes of some kind. Perhaps I’ll be able to do some gardening while the drain team are outside so I can get some inside tips on what they do.