The funeral for a guy I didn’t like

funerals PerthI’m first one to admit that I never actually liked Jen. I know that he was a good guy but something about him always gave me pause. I know that he did not deserve what happened to him, nobody does. I feel bad about it all, it’s the reason why I plan to talk to the Perth funeral director, the one renowned for great funerals. I want to ask him if he’ll be willing to give Jen a good funeral. Personally I do not know who was responsible for Jen passing on. I guess it doesn’t matter now, you can’t change the past. I feel bad for his wife and for his kid, little Jen Jr. We all love that little guy, his fighting spirit. He’s been in a wheelchair all his life but the little guy doesn’t let it get him down. I don’t know how they’re going to get by without the extra income to support all the hospital stays. I hope they opt for a closed coffin, I don’t want him to remember his father that way.

When it’s all said and done, he was a good man and he deserves a good funeral. His wife will make all the arrangement for the cremation, Perth friends and family will be there to help her through the hard part. I’m going to offer to help pay for the funeral director, it’s the least I can do. If only I could do more to ease their suffering. I hope the funeral service does him justice, I want to get someone to sing his favourite song at the funeral. I know that’s a little out of the ordinary but it’s the sort of thing that I think he would like. I heard that his sister was planning on attending, she should stay the heck away from the funeral. She is part of the reason why he isn’t with us today. That’s a story for another time.