Problems With Being a Tycoon

investmentLife is tough for a business tycoon such as myself. I might own over 50 properties around Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, but even though I pay people to do it for me, the complaints still trickle upwards.

The house is cold, I kicked in the door and now it won’t go back on the hinges, my daughter hasn’t been doing well at school since we moved in here…the complaints just go on and on, and sometimes I┬ácan’t do anything about it. How am I supposed to know what’s happening at the school of some girl in a city I’ve never been to?


If I didn’t have my Carlton conveyancing team handy, I might just be throwing myself out of a window. Into a pool of money. It would make me feel better, but it takes time to with draw all the cash and sometimes the coins can get lodged in odd places. No, conveyancing lawyers are really what help. When buying a property, I really don’t want to have to deal with all the paperwork. Some people only ever buy one house in their lifetime, and I’m probably going to be buying even more before my tycoon dreams can be realised. Thus having someone who can verify all the paperwork, who knows the property game…all very useful. Of course, I know more about property than most. I’m an expert, you might say. It’s what I do for a living, and I have to know my business so I can reap the benefits. But a bit of extra help is always a bonus, and I don’t mind parting with a small piece of my fortune for a small piece of mind. That way, I can reduce my daily workload from ‘hardly anything’ to ‘pretty much nothing’, except when surfing the web for more properties to add to my collection. I mean…my portfolio. See, hanging around these conveyancing solicitors has given me all the lingo I need to run a business. A sort-of business.

Conveyancing Rolling Stone

travelThe world is a much bigger place than people realise, which is why
I’m always travelling. I save up everything I can, just so I can head
out on some wacky adventures every time I have a holiday. It’s the
experience that really counts, you know? I eat off paper plates and
have never stayed in the same house for more than a year. My only
chair is a beanbag. You get it.
But my job? I do conveyancing in Clifton Hill. Bit of a strange
swerve, right? It’s a job I got into for the numbers side of things,
mostly. I do love that number crunching, and you can guess what game
I play a lot during those long airport layovers (it’s Sudoku,
obviously). Anyway, conveyancing works well for me. It’s a good job,
solid hours, decent holidays, satisfaction of seeing people who might
be buying a home for the first time, all of it and more. And
yet…it’s at odds with me and my character. Or rather, I thought it
See, I’m a free spirit. I have to GO places to really feel alive. And
yet as I see people buying homes, and I’m the one who’s helping with
the process, I feel a bit of a tug. I DO love to travel. I love to
see new places, be a rolling stone and generally not adhere to any
sense of permanency. And yet on the flip side, I see how happy
getting your own place can make people. And yes, it’s extremely
happy. I shouldn’t like that as much as I do. After all, buying a
home is like the ultimate in being tied down. Once you have an entire
property, you can’t really move in many directions. A conveyancing
lawyer can’t just up and transfer you somewhere else, you’re there to
stay. And yes, that’s a little bit scary for anyone, but that’s why
property conveyancers exist: to help you make the right decision. So
what’s my right decision? Is it ever time to settle down? For someone
who’s supposed to be helping other people with that, I don’t think
I’m doing too well.