Wedding Video and The Joys of Planning

wedding videos MelbourneOh, weddings. How they bring families together!

So yeah, everyone hates each other now. Really unfortunate. Mum and Dad wanted to have the reception in the garden to save costs, but Lacey is piling on so many stipulations that it’s become impossible to reason with her. She wants tents, but everyone now has to move down to the patio to hear the speeches, so we’ll need fifty chairs just for that purpose, which means getting up the ramp is going to be a nightmare…

And so on. I’m just staying out of it and carrying heavy objects when someone asks me. Oh, and I was tasked with finding someone in Melbourne that does wedding videography, because I’m doing a videography course and Lacey designed to trust me with this one thing. I get it, I have contacts, and it really wasn’t hard. For a long while I considered doing it myself. I’m not fully qualified, but I’ve done interning for a few friends who are into wedding videos and that involved following them round for the whole day. It’s a lot of work, but I thought I’d be up for it.

Of course, I then went and told Lacey and she reacted like I’d accidentally spilled corrosive acid all over her wedding dress. She apologised later, said she’d been in the middle of choosing the colour of the table runners (periwinkle) and was incredibly stressed. I got the message loud and clear, though. Professionals only , because this is her special day. Not Ryan’s special day, mind; he’s the groom, but I hardly hear him mentioned when he’s not around.

Anyway, wedding videos, Melbourne’s finest, got it…though I’m going to tell them to use an extremely long lens and keep their distance. If this is what Lacey’s like now, I don’t want to see her on the actual day. Although she will have a camera on her…