Steps of Sustainability

My five-step plan for world domination a worldwide utopia:

  1. Move to New South Wales, where they are going to have an election sooner than Victoria. There, I will amass enough popularity that I will be put in a position of power. This is essential, as I will need to have worldwide influence within a few years.
  2. Ensure that my business is known as the most sustainable in Australia. It’s good PR, and people will be willing to support me for my incredible efforts to save the environment and build a utopia. Make sure that the results of our commercial energy monitoring are made public, which will build goodwill with the population.
  3. Run for Premier of New South Wales. Most importantly, win. This will likely be in 2022. I need to build up plenty of support and align myself with a party before then, ensuring my victory when the election comes. Once the victory is mine, I shall enact laws requiring businesses to become completely sustainable within one month, otherwise, they shall be severely punished.
  4. Become Prime Minister of Australia. Whether by revealing the scandals of everyone in front of me or by winning a legitimate election, it doesn’t really matter. Run a platform of professional commercial energy management being done across the entire country, so that we become the cleanest, most powerful nation on Earth.
  5. Claim world domination. This is by far the easiest step, as I will have so many supporters at this point that they will be an unstoppable force. Other countries will have to join my new empire or be completely destroyed. Conquer Asia first for the reinforcement bonus at the start of each turn, like in a game of Chance. The plus two troop bonus from Australia is handy, but if we want to make the entire world run on sustainable solar energy, we’ll need a bigger force. From there, just sweep through the other countries until we live in a complete utopia ruled by yours truly.