Tinted Band Battle

I never thought I’d enter a battle of the bands’ competition, especially since I don’t play any instruments. I mean, I’ve always wanted to learn to play the guitar or the drums, but I just never had the drive to actually do it.

Given I don’t play music, most people would probably think it was a stupid idea to enter the battle of the bands in order to impress a girl. I’m sure that this is totally going to work, though. My best friend Robert and I ordered these cool t-shirts online that have our band name (even though we don’t actually have a band): Frosted Window Tinting Friends. I’m aware that this is possibly the worst band name ever, but we picked it super late at night and weren’t really thinking. We’re stuck with it now, so whatever.

Anyway, I figure it can’t be that hard to learn an instrument. Robert and I will just practise the guitar together until it looks like we know what we are doing. We’ll play that single by Concept Artists about office tinting close to Melbourne. At least our band name will make some sort of sense that way. And yes, I’m aware that Concept Artists aren’t really that big anymore, ever since the band had all that drama, but hopefully, people are in the mood for a throwback.

Now, I know that it’s going to be basically impossible to learn an instrument well enough in a single day, which is why we’re only practising to look like we can play. We’ll have the original song play through the speakers, and hopefully, everyone just thinks we’re a really good cover band. That’s right, we’re going to be lip-syncing. It’s genius! Nobody will even realise, we’ll win first prize and I’ll get to go on a hot date with the girl of my dreams. At the end of the day, I’ll have only Concept Artists to thank for recording such an awesome single about window tinting.