Obsessed with packaging

food packaging designersThere are a lot of misconceptions about hoarders. People think that we’re filthy slobs but actually there’s something seriously wrong with our brains and we should be treated like anyone else who is experiencing mental ill health. Society should help us with out hoarding issues, rather than vilifying and isolating us. Usually, we’re left alone until the situation gets out of hand and then it’s too late; diseases, pests and lonely deaths are all too commonly associated with the hoarder.

I was one of the lucky ones who got help early and I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for food packaging. Australia is a pretty small country but nevertheless we have all of the same fast food chains as Europe and the US. Actually, hoarders like me never realise there’s a problem with hygiene when we’re collecting things. That part in the brain which usually tells you that something is dirty or too full is blocked for us. A friend of mine came over and said that the place smelled bad and that the stacks of junk everywhere had to be taken out to the trash. This of course sent my brain into meltdown mode.

I wouldn’t have survived the clean up if it wasn’t for the packaging company that I discovered. What I did was I substituted my collections of used fast food containers for clean containers which I ordered and had shipped over. This then spawned an obsession with different types of packages including tamper evidence bags and secure bags. I have piles and piles of them in my living room. It looks just the same as m hoarder house before but it’s clean and doesn’t smell, apparently! I find the environment very soothing so I’m thinking about starting a club called HA – or hoarders anonymous. I’ll use my living room as an example of how hoarders can change their lives around by simply ordering packaging in bulk.