Holidaying with All the Kids!

hotels in LorneGoing on your holidays can be really tough with a big family. It’s great to have all the kids along, but finding a place to fit all of them can be a hassle! Oh, and they’re all dogs. All thirteen of them. Yeah, I may have brought this upon myself, but I have the funds and the land for it, and they were all rescue dogs. Now they have a home with lots of brothers and sisters, forever, yay! But yep, sure is a hassle getting them places! I’ve had to get a bus license, and a bus, and then make it dog-friendly inside.

As for holidays, I’m working on a cunning plan. Now, the accommodations down in the Great Ocean Road aren’t exactly equipped for that many animals. I should know, because I’ve spent enough time looking, but they DO have some chalets down by the sea. If I took all the fur babies down to the coast, and housed them in one of the largest chalets, it probably wouldn’t be enough space. But If I hired out TWO chalets, right next to each other, and then split my time between them…well, that makes things interesting, now doesn’t it? It might be labour intensive on my part, but this holiday isn’t for me. It’s for my sweet babies and their enjoyment. Though Gloria doesn’t really like new places, I’m hoping now that she’s befriended Rufus she can come out of her shell a bit more. That is, if Gustav stops bullying both of them whenever they’re together, which I personally think is because Gustav fancies her. That’s crazy by itself, of course…Ramble is so into him it’s practically transparent.

So they’re a handful, but it’s not like I can show up at some luxury accommodation in Lorne and expect a warm welcome. But I think Gustav, Gloria, Ramble, Rufus, Shelley, Uther, Klein, Humperdink, Oscar, Virgo, Xander, Terry and Sherry really deserve better. We ALL need a break!