Times, Technology and Change

keyboardI’m grateful to live in an age where we can catch up television online. Back in the day, not that I was alive back then, but back in the day that just wasn’t really any option. You saw what you could see and that was that. To be fair, workplace standards were a bit more lax, so maybe if there was a big game on the boss would let you watch it while you cleaned the counters or manned the store or filed some arrest warrants. It was a simpler time indeed.

Except now you can go to a college in Melbourne and get a video game design course, easy as anything. Imagine if you travelled back in time, using…I don’t know, some kind of machine. Like a machine that manipulates time. Like a time…machine. So you had one of those, like the Time And Space Perambulatory Inspection Service vehicle from Professor What (or just the TASPIS). That takes you wherever you like, so let’s say you went back to 1970s Melbourne where televisions were tiny little things and some were still in black and white maybe. And you told these people that one day, there would be game design courses in Melbourne! They’d think you perhaps meant sport type games. That’s what they used to call the subjects of sport and P.E.: games. You’d have a games master and they’d be the ones in charge of all the sporting equipment. In fact, I bet they still have similar things at private boarding schools and places in the country where they speak in a very proper fashion. But anyway, those were games, whereas nowadays we have sport and video games, which many people think are opposed. Those people have never heard of Mii Badminton. But I digress.

Technology is great, basically. Now I’ll never miss an episode of anything because you can pick up that stuff online, easy as pie. And you can actually do a game design course, and it has nothing to do with tennis or cricket unless that’s the game you’re making. But Mii already did that.