The entertaining area is ready to go

commercial shed builder TamworthMy elderly parents had spent the last few years building their dream retirement home. The family had been living in a small caravan while the house was being built. At first it was terribly cramped and having everyone in each others space was causing friction within the family. It didn’t take long to get used to the temporary arrangements and I started to enjoy having my parents and siblings so close with me. It was like camping but after many months we were happy once it was finished. The house was massive and looked like it would be great for entertaining. The one thing that was really missing was an outdoor entertainment area. Dad had put down a concrete slab but never got around to finishing the barbecue area. Mother had decided it was time to get the area finished because she wanted to have a bit of a house warming party. It was scheduled for two weeks time, Dad wasn’t sure if they’d be able to get it done in time but  Mum was determined. Mum called a local company based in Tamworth for commercial shed builders. She wanted to find out the prices for a covered little entertaining area.

Dad had picked up our new barbecue which made my mother even more eager to get a roof over the entertaining area. I was impressed at how quickly the team were able to finish the stable construction, Tamworth really does have some dedicated tradesmen and women. They were even able to give Mum a great price on an awning for the area. They were even able to get the awnings installed in less than a day. There was plenty of time for the family to get ready for the party. The house was looking fantastic, no wonder my parents wanted to show it off. It was finally complete and I could see the relief on my mother’s face. It  had been a long time in the works but now we had the chance to celebrate with our loved ones.