Nerding it up with IT

it course melbourneI’ve never been the type of person to shy from the sun. As a kid I always enjoyed sports and I would join every club from soccer to basketball. Even to this day I play footie with my mates on the weekend, badminton during my lunch breaks at work, and even darts at the pub. Video games and computers have never been my thing. To be honest with you, I always thought that video games and computers were for skinny geeks and fat slobs with no social life. So, as you can imagine, the thought of studying something in information technology never occurred to me.

Everything changed however when I discovered the web design course. Melbourne actually has tonnes of them but I never paid much attention as I wasn’t interested. However, as an aspiring businessman, I had to bite the bullet and pursue an education that was going to help me achieve a lucrative career. I ended up enrolling in the course and after my first lesson my perception on the subject did a total one-eighty. The men and women in my course were not weird anti-social nerds at all. They were actually really smart people with a sense of humour, who could use their wit to make me laugh instead of their idiocy. I was also surprised to discover that they weren’t all unhealthy, having lifestyles that involved no vitamin D and an addiction to the latest release on steam. I mean, there was a dork or two but no more than the general the population. Many of my fellow students had active pastimes and I even joined them for a game of soccer after my first day.

You can imagine my surprise at discovering that computer nerds aren’t really nerds at all but pretty cool people. That’s why I now feel comfortable admitting that I’m interested in IT courses. Melbourne really is a place full of surprises and opportunities.