More Houses. Bring Me More.

Melbourne home staging for saleYou know, I’ve always wondered how people make their houses so nice for selling. We’ve been home-hunting for a good few months now, mostly because I revel in looking at other people’s properties so much that I never want it to end. We’ll have to pick one soon, though. Mack’s losing his patience and we’re only three months married.

Alright, so clearly I should’ve been a real estate agent, but also…a house staging expert. Or agent, maybe, not really sure what they call themselves. That’s why all these houses look so marvellous when we go to see them, and I suppose the main reason for my minor addiction to this house hunt. It’s all just so pretty, but natural, like you could just walk in and claim it as your own! Maybe not so natural for me, because if that was the case then here would be piles of ironing and probably a few more unwashed dishes. Recently-married life, we’re still sorting out a few things. Didn’t expect Mack to be so…well, house-proud. That’ll definitely come in handy, once he stops naggign me about it. It’s a lot worse living in a unit out the back of his parents’ home, but that’s neither here nor there. What’s here AND there is that I feel like working in an office is no longer my true calling. Not so! Chalk it down to how much I love houses and being nosey, but I really feel like I could have a flair for this home staging thing. I’m not so house proud when it comes to my own space, but I could totally go to someone else’s place and rearrange everything so it’s looking wonderful and everyone who enters will want to pay with cash right there on the spot. That sure is a lot of cash, but it’d just be a testament to my skills.

First things first, I suppose; we need a home of our own! I wonder if the Melbourne property staging people require you to submit a photo of your own place on the resume. You know, so they can see your skills with your own place. Guess I have to become house-proud!