Making the Best of the Play Centre

bayside kids party venueMust I continue to tolerate the other children? So long as I hide my genius from the world, I suppose the answer is a cantankerous ‘yes’ for the time being. Oh, what a misfortune to befall a mind such as mine!

The issues of other seven-year-olds just do not fascinate me, and along the same vein, I am perplexed by their constant need for play instead of a healthy balance with that of work. Work is the only thing that truly completes a person in the end.

There’s this place at the end of the road, a new indoor play centre here in Bayswater. The parents seem to have gotten the idea into their heads that I’d like to visit on a regular basis, and to maintain my cover, I must play along and pretend I find all this thrilling. My first few visits were dreary affairs, as I gain little pleasure from playing in a ball pit and using slides. However, I soon turned these opportunities into study sessions. The winding tunnels of the play equipment provide ample space for me to pull out my notepad and perhaps make calculations on the mass of the structure, detailed estimations as to exactly how many balls are in the pit and the precise mass that the safety netting would be able to withstand. I have no real opportunity to conduct clinical trials, but these are interesting enough conundrums that cannot be carried out in the home. Our home is so very dull, and I have no other children to observe in their favoured habitat.

Oh, it’s favoured alright. They seem to love all the climbing and such, with many of them applying their imagination in ways that, I must admit, are somewhat impressive. One young girl with a teddy bear commands the rest of the children with such ferocity that i think she must have a successful political career ahead of her.

No matter. The parents believe this particular Bayswater kids party venue is my favourite place to be. It’s variety, at least.