Conveyancing Rolling Stone

travelThe world is a much bigger place than people realise, which is why
I’m always travelling. I save up everything I can, just so I can head
out on some wacky adventures every time I have a holiday. It’s the
experience that really counts, you know? I eat off paper plates and
have never stayed in the same house for more than a year. My only
chair is a beanbag. You get it.
But my job? I do conveyancing in Clifton Hill. Bit of a strange
swerve, right? It’s a job I got into for the numbers side of things,
mostly. I do love that number crunching, and you can guess what game
I play a lot during those long airport layovers (it’s Sudoku,
obviously). Anyway, conveyancing works well for me. It’s a good job,
solid hours, decent holidays, satisfaction of seeing people who might
be buying a home for the first time, all of it and more. And
yet…it’s at odds with me and my character. Or rather, I thought it
See, I’m a free spirit. I have to GO places to really feel alive. And
yet as I see people buying homes, and I’m the one who’s helping with
the process, I feel a bit of a tug. I DO love to travel. I love to
see new places, be a rolling stone and generally not adhere to any
sense of permanency. And yet on the flip side, I see how happy
getting your own place can make people. And yes, it’s extremely
happy. I shouldn’t like that as much as I do. After all, buying a
home is like the ultimate in being tied down. Once you have an entire
property, you can’t really move in many directions. A conveyancing
lawyer can’t just up and transfer you somewhere else, you’re there to
stay. And yes, that’s a little bit scary for anyone, but that’s why
property conveyancers exist: to help you make the right decision. So
what’s my right decision? Is it ever time to settle down? For someone
who’s supposed to be helping other people with that, I don’t think
I’m doing too well.