Badges, a man(ager’s) best friend

name tagsWho’d have thought that your work life would be improved with the use of name tags? Since I got this brilliant idea, my life has been ten times easier. Not only has my job itself become less stressful but the productivity around here has truly peaked. These days, I recommend every boss introduce name tags into their business, no matter how big or small.

I manage a chain of shops in Australia. In each shop we’ve only got a few people working at any given time, so I didn’t think the name tag thing was necessary. The people who work together get to know each other pretty quick, and it’s just retail, not banking, so it’s not like the customers really need to know my employees names. It turns, out I couldn’t have been more wrong about name tags. Australia has companies that can deliver as soon as the whim strikes you.

So here’s why name tags were such a good idea. I like to drive between my shops and check up on the employees to see how they’re doing. I usually hire younger staff for obvious reasons: they cost less and are more likely to work in this industry. Now, I’m not too bad at remembering people’s names, but these young kids are always changing their hair colour, getting piercing and whatnot to totally transform their appearance every blooming week. Now with name tags, it’s good that I don’t have to embarrass myself anymore or come off as heartless inhuman upper management.

I ended up getting magnetic name badges. Australian companies can also custom make them with your business logo and all that. The tags also came in handy when it came to complaints and my employees slacking off. I got a few phone calls here and there where the customer was like, ‘I don’t know his name but he was the guy in the blue shirt’ – Now that my kids have name tags, I can find out exactly who’s been messing around on the job or disrespecting my valuable customers.