Running calluses

I run religiously in the morning at least three times a week and on weekend evenings. I think I’m becoming addicted to it. It was so hard to get started. I couldn’t even run around my block without getting puffed out but now I can easily tackle 10km. Building up this stamina wasn’t an easy process. I had to start off by slowly running and power-walking whenever I was exhausted. Week by week I found I was gradually walking less and jogging more. Once jogging around the block felt effortless, I then added another block. Then slowly I added more and more and that’s how I’ve grown to become the runner I am today.

While running has many health benefits, it definitely also has many downsides. I have suffered from numerous rolled ankles and the odd shin splint, which can be so painful. When these injuries happen you can sadly expect to be out of action for days, if not weeks. Then there’s a whole period of readjusting to running again where your stamina isn’t quite what it was before you had the time off. My most recent injury, although it hardly constitutes an injury, is developing on my feet. I’m in need of treatment for corns and calluses. From all the running, my feet have rubbed against my runners and caused painful friction blisters on my toes. These corns and calluses aren’t like a regular blister though. They’re quite hard. Over time the pain does cease but I do not like how they make my feet look. These corns are making my toes look really lumpy and oddly shaped. It’s just not very appealing to look at, especially when I want to wear sandals.

Perhaps there’s a Melbourne orthotics shop I can visit that sells better-designed runners that will provide more comfort for my feet and stop friction. Even if they don’t sell running shoes, they might sell some special insoles or bandages that I can use to reduce the friction when I run. I’m sure whoever is working there will have some advice.