Our Houses: Too Welcoming

welcomeI had the strangest thing happen yesterday. A man came to my door, very sharply dressed, and asked if my house was for sale. It wasn’t, but he said that he was very fond of it and wanted to see if we could make a deal. I usually don’t just chat to any random stranger in a suit, but he seemed like he really wanted the place. And just after that, Martha said to me over dinner that she was thinking of selling the place. How very funny.

The man had some paperwork, and I took it to my conveyancer. Melbourne has a few that I’ve used over the years, what with my family constantly moving. I don’t know, perhaps it’s something in the genes, but we just have to keep moving on. In fact, some of the conveyancing people around here know us by name. I mean, of course, I always GET a conveyancing lawyer to do the paperwork and guide us through the process. You’d think we’d be experts, but it’s just…well, you need a degree to understand all the terms. I suppose that’s why they actually study this sort of thing.

Actually, I’d almost forgotten, but a similar thing happened in our old home. We were in the front garden having a barbecue, and a young couple strolled by and started talking about the house. They said it was really close to schools, which we’ve never noticed because we don’t have kids, had a big back garden for a potential dog and the attic could potentially be used as another bedroom if there were more kids. Then they asked if we were selling the place. That time, we had a Brighton conveyancing place all lined up. Do people just know this about us? Do we move so much, people eye our homes before they’re even put on sale? What a strange thing, how that’s never occurred to me…