New Butcher, New Builder, New Hairdresser…

hair salonThere’s quite a bit to sort out when you emigrate to another country, but there’s a whole lot that slips through the cracks as well. Oh, the list goes on: we have to find a new place to go food shopping, set up the internet, find the best hunting grounds, and goodness, even little things like finding a good hairdresser.

Well, none of us really need much hair-cutting, but my wife does like to get her hair styled in various ways for our nightly outings. Personally, I think she looks lovely in the simplest of styles, but we all have our hobbies. We HAVE looked at getting a hairdresser in to the castle-mansion, but then I pointed out that we can’t just have people come here all the time. I want to go out and experience everything to offer in Melbourne, hair salons included!

My wife deserves the very best hair salon Melbourne has to offer. Hopefully a place that is open at slightly later than usual hours. Although it’s currently winter, so we can dodge the sun quite easily. Terrible skin, you know how it is.

This search might be a bit easier if we could just get the internet person in. The last fellow didn’t do such a good job, and we were a bit hungry, and you know how it is. Sometimes companies just let you down. Still, we get some decent reception up here on the hill, so we can plan our lives accordingly. There’s apparently a lovely butcher’s in town, so we must make time to go down. And of course, while we’re there, we can get recommendations for hair stylists close to Melbourne who can suit my wife’s needs.  I wonder, do any of them cater to a Romanian style? She can be quite particular, and some of those hairdos are really too intricate for one person to do by themselves.

I suppose we’ll find out. And then we can cross one more little bit of setup off the list!

-I.M. Payler-Alucard