Lighting the way with LED signs

LED signage MelbourneI want to go ahead with this signage idea, even without checking out the ROI. I am the worst economics lecturer ever, because I can’t even follow my own rules. One should always check out the ROI before making a business purchase. You can’t be impulsive, every expensive needs to be justified or you’re wasting money. I never really like to wait that long, especially on idea like this. When I really want something, a voice in my head keeps telling me to do it, but my reason is saying, hold on a minute, let’s just think this through. That brain has saved me from many a bad decision. I just wish I could see reason when I wanted the start that emu farm. No one wants to see an emu, and I know that for sure now.

My brain is telling me to wait and not do anything about the signage without seeing where it will lead, and if the ROI is worth it. I have a good feeling about it though, but we’ll see what my business partner has to say about it. He’s much less impulsive than I am, although I’m sure he’ll be on board with my stylish signage idea. I’m getting a friend to crunch the numbers on this thing and find out if it’s a good idea to go with the business signage. Melbourne already has a lot of signs but a memorable one will most certainly draw a crowd. I need this business to be a success, I’ve put my entire saving into this venture and I can’t afford for it to fail. I don’t want to be living at home again with my elderly parents.


I’ve just had a call. The numbers check out and now I will be making a move on the signwriting. They will certainly be able to help me with all the LED signage. Melbourne is a fantastic city to run a business because it’s so rich in culture.