Kids Parties, Beneficial for Everyone?

indoor play centre SydneyNever thought I’d find myself smitten with a birthday clown, but…life, I suppose? Life certainly keeps you entertained. Much like a birthday clown. And I honestly didn’t know there was such thing as a female birthday clown, but that’s the new and progressive world we live in. Equal rights and opportunities, and all that. Anyway, it’s not like she was a clown in the traditional sense anyway. Very sensibly dressed (even if they were nice colours), and her style of entertaining was mostly educational mixed with fun.

Lovely, it really was. I wasn’t so sure I’d be able to find a good kids party venues. Castle Hill isn’t isn’t exactly full of places for children to enjoy. Back when I was a kid and there was no party venue industry. Mostly they just decked out a room with some streamers, called it a ‘kids party venue’ and then hired one of the old types of birthday clowns, the ones that would make all the children of today cry. Things certainly have moved on a bit since I grew up and had my own child. Didn’t really LIKE the idea of giving over the party responsibility to a third party, but…well, when you’re a widower, you have to make some concessions. I just wanted Joe to have a good time. Then all my friends with kids were on at me about hiring a clown, and I really hated the idea at first.

But no. Clowns have moved on with the times. Essentially, Maddie is just an entertainer who bears the name of clown for convenience. An amateur clown. She’s very good at her job, anyway. Of course, the whole birthday party venue just made things a whole lot easier, but with all the stuff Maddie was doing with acrobatics and educational balloon animal demonstrations, I’m glad we had the space. Indoor play centres in Sydney aren’t so bad. And now I’m going out for coffee with a really nice amateur clown, so…that’s also good.