Home Styling: Don’t Forget the Lights

commercial lightingI may only be in week three of my home styling course, but I think I have a knack for it. Pretty sure I could go onto learning TWO things every week, and I’d probably be fine. As it is, I’m doing a lot of home study to make sure I don’t forget what I’ve learned. I want to make a career out of this, after all.

Alright, so…first, a clean home is a good home. Pretty obvious, but that’s week one for you.

Second: never, EVER have oak in the same room as sandalwood. Pretty specific, or so I thought. Turns out that, while it won’t happen too often, the times when it DOES are like the cardinal sin of home decor.

And then we just finished module three: Melbourne’s commercial lighting sector, and how lighting can effectively be used in business. Oh yes…home decor professionals don’t just deal with houses. You think those trendy, chic cafes and knick-knack shops do their OWN designing? Well, some do, but you can always tell the difference between those and the others. You can’t actually achieve charming decor if you don’t have a professional. We learned that in the orientation class!

Anyway…lighting was an interesting one, since everywhere NEEDS it, but it can be done so right and so wrong. I never knew there were so many lovely designer lighting options available. There really is no excuse for setting up a nice little cafe and ruining it with some cheap over the counter lamps. Colour psychology dictates that warm orange lighting is more inviting and cosy that blue lights. ┬áThere are commercial lighting consultants in Melbourne. THAT’S how important it is: there’s a whole job dedicate to making sure your lighting doesn’t drive customers right out of the shop. And with the rate at which I’m learning, I’m pretty sure that it’ll be a job option for me…very soon.