From spring cleaning to roof cleaning

roof restorationEvery year, when the first of September rolls around and the birds are chirping away in the fresh morning light, I get so excited because this is the time for new beginnings. I think there’s something to be said for the pagan rituals surrounding spring equinox, because the symbolism of renewal has a powerful effect on our lives, spiritually, psychically and practically. Thus, one of my favourite things to do around the onset of spring, is a good old fashioned home clean up. This year, I hardly realised that my efforts would be hampered by a lack of roof maintenance in Melbourne.

I love spring cleaning not just because it makes the house sparkle, but for so many other reasons. I love getting into a cleaning frenzy, working all day for a few days, and cleaning all those forgotten nooks and crannies that have been neglected throughout the year. I also love the feeling of satisfaction you get afterwards – it seems to give me a clean slate to start on for the coming year.

This year, after two days of dawn til dusk labour, I stood in my front garden looking at the house, thinking that I’d outdone myself. ‘This is the best cleaning job I’ve done yet.’I said to myself. ‘Not a speck of dirt remains!’ As I took my first step back towards the house, I halted. There on the roof – moss-coated shingles, discoloured tiles and a gutter full of leaf litter frowned down upon me. I was going to have to call for roof restoration around Melbourne. I collapsed to my knees, defeated.

I guess in many ways, spring cleaning time for me is a lot like New Years for other people – that sense of starting over, new resolves and new goals. It’s a powerful time of year. That’s why I’m committed to hiring roof cleaning services as soon as possible, so that this year’s spring cleaning can be complete.