If only we had podiatry

adult orthoticsIt turns out that the feet are the window to the soul after all, everyone thought it was the eyes. Some idiot some time got it completely wrong. It’s best not to believe in that kind of garbage. The feet are for walking, not for souls, they have nothing to do with each other. I take good care of my feet because they are very important, not because I want people to see my soul better. I don’t have the balance I once did, but my feet are still sharp enough to walk through the lies that people tell at the nursing home. I think the staff are trying to get rid of me. I need to get back and have a visit with the podiatrist soon to maintain what mobility I have left. I have had to wear adult orthotics for the last 10 years every since my husband put me in a old people home. My husband said I was too cranky to live with, well raspberries to him because I am a lovely old lady. I had a good long talk to the Cheltenham podiatrist about what I could do to improve my balance. He suggested that we do some test to see if the orthotics are still what I need.

It is becoming difficult to go on my daily walk, don’t get me started on my prescriptions. They put in a nice new duck pond in the village I live. I will spend more time outdoors soon if I can manage. I will have to get go on some lovely walks in the harsh sun. You can’t trust many people these days but I can sure trust my podiatrist. I hope you’re having a lovely birthday Jeremy, say hi to your sister for me and don’t spend the cheque for $12 all at once. You should save up for something you like, like a ride on the big wheel when the carnival comes to town.