Embarrassing foot care

foot care

You know that TV show about people’s embarrassing medical conditions. Well yeah, welcome to my life. Every time there’s something wrong with me, it’s a thing that I’m so ashamed of even going to the doctors is difficult. Sometimes these are minor conditions that need to be tended to none the less, like when I had warts, but other times they’re quite serious and life threatening like my ingrown toenail. (I know an ingrown toenail doesn’t sound like much but it’s serious because you can get an infection that could poison your bloodstream.) So you see, embarrassing body right over here.

Now I have to brave the shop owners yet again and get some food care products. Cheltenham podiatrists probably see this sort of thing every day, but somehow that thought doesn’t alleviate the shame. It’s a bit like feeling as though you shouldn’t be there or you wish you weren’t there, and shame about having to be in such an embarrassing predicament. Forget about telling your friends or loved ones for moral support. I can’t even believe that I have a girlfriend at all. Some of the embarrassing conditions I’ve had to try to hide from her include an enlarged belly button and hyper sweaty feet. I guess she really loves me.

As it turns out, my condition is getting worse and worse and now I have to worry about fungal nail infection treatments around Cheltenham. I actually feel more sorry for the podiatrist who’s going to have to deal with my foot condition. I know that these things are like bread and butter to podiatry professionals, but still, surely they must get grossed out on a regular basis. I have a friend who’s a nurse and he reckons he used to get disgusted by things but now he’s inured to it all. I still can’t help but feel a little self conscious.