Advocates all round

buyers advocate

Have you ever heard of the Baader-Meinhof syndrome? It’s where you’ve never heard of something before but once you learn about it you see it everywhere. That’s what happened to me when I learned about a buyers advocate. Melbourne has tonnes of these companies that assist in property purchasing but I just never knew they existed. I mean, if people selling their properties naturally get advocates all the time through real estate agents, then buyer’s advocates should be more common. It’s like the sellers get all the help and get the best deals but the buyers get nothing at all.

Property advocates simply don’t get enough press. They should have big billboard ads like real estate agents do, and get highlighted more in property magazines. The first time I used one made a really huge difference. I never would have got such a good price on my dream home if it wasn’t for the buyers agent in Melbourne. The lady was not only a pleasure to deal with, amiable and well-prepared, but she also tailored her services to our specific needs. In other words, she didn’t just give us a list of auctions that were going on in our suburb. Instead, she presented us with the analytics, why the suburb we were looking at was a good choice and why it wasn’t, which houses we were looking at would depreciate and which would be good investments.

Once we finally bought a house, it wasn’t even through traditional means. This is probably the best thing about a buyer’s agent. Instead of getting the place for us through an auction or a place advertised at a real estate agency, she got it through a private sale because she had the right connections. It was really amazing. It was like a whole underworld of property sales, kind of like the underworld of politicians’’ wealth.

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